An Emergency Power Plant Outage Leads to a Long-Term Partnership

An unplanned outage at an Independent Power Plant led to an emergency need. When the call for a safety technician came in to SITEX at 2pm, the request was filled by 7pm. The contractor was used to working with different safety companies who didn’t have a team of trained safety professionals available like SITEX, and the customer quickly noticed the difference. 

As the plant grew and new challenges popped up, the customer turned to SITEX for environmental assessments, remediation, a hazardous material response team, and a confined space rescue team. SITEX rose to the occasion and expertly addressed the customer’s needs on-time and on-budget.

Download the case study to learn how SITEX helped the customer:

  • Quickly address an emergency outage with a certified expert who prioritized safety
  • Mitigate risk and liability by making sure regulations were followed
  • Use SITEX’s in-depth knowledge to address a variety of EH&S needs
  • Create a new on-site culture of safety that prioritizes employees


SITEX has deep industry experience ensuring environmental and safety compliance, reducing risk, and protecting workers with certified experts, proven solutions, training, and equipment for any industry.

Download the Case Study