Envirotest has joined the SITEX family

Envirotest and SITEX have merged to offer an expanded range of services.

After more than two decades of working together, Envirotest and SITEX are collectively operating as SITEX, Inc. Envirotest clients gain the support of SITEX’s deep expertise and resources, including its extensive array of commercial and industrial safety services.

What can the new SITEX do for you?

SITEX, Inc. is a single-source provider of commercial and industrial worksite safety solutions and environmental and regulatory compliance. From individual jobs to total safety outsourcing, SITEX offers rescue planning and services, industrial hygiene, environmental assessments, and safety consulting and planning for clients in energy, refining, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and agriculture.

Visit the SITEX homepage to explore all our services, or jump directly to:

Existing Envirotest Customers:

Your contacts won’t change. Clients in the Houston area can still reach out to Martin Medina; Clients in the Corpus Christi area can still reach out to Stacy Kraatz.

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