Ensure Employee Safety During a Large-Scale
Facility Demolition

A Massive Demolition With Numerous Safety Needs

Every job has compliance regulations and safety mandates that clients and contractors must comply with. Failing to meet those standards creates hazardous work environments and increase the risk of injuries. Those injuries can lead to costly litigation, the slow down of time-sensitive work, and the loss of future business.

When a contractor was tasked with bringing down a 1.5-gigawatt coal power plant and its 400ft towers, doing that safely was a top priority.

Download the case study to learn how SITEX:

  • Worked hand-in-hand with the plant team to create a safety-focused jobsite
  • Provided complete safety records and permit management  
  • Conducted on-site safety orientation and training 
  • Regularly inspected the site to identify and mitigate hazards 

SITEX has deep industry experience ensuring environmental and safety compliance, reducing risk, and protecting workers with certified experts, proven solutions, training, and equipment for any industry.

Download the Case Study